Thursday, April 26, 2007

eBay Auctions Ending Sunday, April 29

During this one randomly selected day on eBay, around 10,000 auctions will end in the "Board, traditional games" section. Probably, it's a lot more; I'm not including games in other sections of eBay, roleplaying and lawn games, game books, and who knows what all.

Every day sees thousands of modern games, hundreds of Monopoly sets and ornate chess sets, dozens of adult games and Star Wars games from various decades, old games with strange themes, and vintage games of all kinds.

I could devote an entire blog just to the interesting things in these sections, not to mention auctions and sales on other sites. It would be a cool thing to do one of these as a daily post. If only I could quit my job and devote myself to blogging full time. Sigh...

By the way, these are not affiliate links, so I don't get any money if you click on the pictures. I should figure out how to do that.

A beautiful Cribbage board. Only, what are the dice for?

"Vintage Starfleet Bomber game". I'm not sure what the heck this is.
A Chutes and Ladders beach towel.
Tabletop Twister ... I don't know ...
The ever-popular game "How to be a complete bastard".
The World Educator and Quiz game. 1918.
Chartbuster, a game from 1970 about making pop records.
Sealed With a Kiss: the kiss collecting game for girls.
This looks like a precursor to Mille Bornes.
Looks like a really bad game, but what a great box cover.
And here's another.
One of a series of games in the '80s based on arcade classics.
The 50's, 60's, and 70's produced an astounding number of board games. To list them all would be impossible. Some of the things made into a board game are just amazing, however.
Like this one. Who the heck is George Gobel?
And this one, which combines new-fangled electronic kits with board games.
Subtitled "On The Road to Berlin". Made in the UK. One of thousands of board games made between wartimes that also served as propaganda.
Death Always Wins. A gothic game of Tic Tac Toe.
Scrabble tiles people building set. Toys and games frequently intermix.
Like here. A Mickey Mouse game with figures.
Another very old game, the Royal Game of Goose.
And another. Some of these vintage games are incredibly beautiful. A Peter Rabbit game from the 1950s.
You couldn't get away with a mainstream game called "Torture Track" today.
This is some sort of marijuana game from the early '70s. A game of pot-heads.
A favorite phrase from the descriptions: "I don't know the date, but it looks like it's from the [xxx0's], or even earlier!"
Comes with real clay pots, metal spatulas, and beans to scoop into the pots.
One of the many beautiful chess sets on offer. This one asking an optimistic $12,000.


KG said...

What an interesting, and hilarious, survey of board games. A Chutes and Ladders towel? "How to be a complete bastard"? Wow. And I have NO idea who George Gobel is. Thanks for the laughs, and the visit to my blog earlier.

Yehuda said...

Back at you, kg. I hope you stick around.


SDS said...

Geroge Gobel entry on wikipedia tells all:

along with

For my age group, we only knew George as a panelist on "Hollywood Squares," a daytime game show that ran in the 1970s, early 1980s.