Friday, April 27, 2007

Dirty Soles, Communists, and Ball Busters

For some reason, the organization of people who enjoy walking around barefoot refer to themselves as "Dirty Soles". Ever since, they've had to disclaim that their organization is not fetishistic, but naturalistic.

Purposely naughty? Or just a bad choice of name?

In Israel there is a small window of opportunity in the big cities for barefoot walking, between the cold of winter and the heat of summer. It's already almost too late, but I managed a barefoot walk today to the bakery and back. It was my first (and probably only) time this season.

The first time is the hardest, when your feet tenderly feel every pebble and burr in your path, and aren't accustomed to the gradually baking sidewalks. Each time you reach a bit of shady sidewalk is a real pleasure.

Whether this is healthy - because of the free flowing air to the feet - or unhealthy - because of the exposure to random germs and stuff - is beside the point, really. It's just being alive.

Jokes or Games?

Speaking of naughty or nice, one can never be too sure what's a joke and what's not in the game world.

This game "Communist Monopoly" is a joke:
And it looks like the game Class Struggle is, too. But it has a BGG entry, and looks like it was produced by Avalon Hill.

And what about this game supposedly being created by China as an alternative to traditional Capitalist online games? (source)

Lastly, whether or not this game "Ball Buster" is a joke, surely the advertisement must be one:


Coldfoot said...

Class Struggle is no joke. I own a copy. Picked it up a few years ago at a thrift store.

Never played. No desire to do so either.

Jack Steiner said...

Ball Buster- now there is a hell of a game.