Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Picnic and a Thought

We went out to Ariella's mechina in Ein Prat for a barbecue, which was pleasant.

Whenever I go out to the hills of Judea (the West Bank), I stare out from a hilltop onto hundreds and hundreds of completely empty hilltops. Close enough to all of these hills you can find water, if you dig deep enough.

And whenever I see this, I think: There's so much damn space. What the Hell are we fighting over? You live here, I'll live there. What's the difference?

Anyhoo ...

My friend Rachel and her daughter Dvira also live near Ein Prat, and they joined us on the picnic, so I played Set with her and also taught her how to play her game of Quiddler - and why letter-based card games are a complete waste of time. (Because, unlike rummy games with standard playing cards, it is fairly trivial to meld words with cards containing letters.)


Oh. And I finally got a call from Kindershpiel regarding helping them make the Hebrew/Israeli versions of Apples to Apples (one religious, and one secular). He's flying in to Israel next week and wants to meet me.

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