Monday, April 16, 2007

Linkety Link

In the continuing tradition of people who have a lot of board games compared to their friends, this guy in Toronto has (get ready for this) 200 board games. "Grogan says there are two board game museums in North America, one of them in Waterloo, and he thinks 'quite possibly, I'm the No. 3.'" Anyone in Toronto care to bust his bubble?

The Sun Chronicle in Massachusetts talks Eurogames.

I see a lot of articles about school kids making their own board games, but this one caught my attention: "Take the board games Life, Monopoly, Clue and Guess Who. Flavor it with a bit of Harry Potter, a little Pokemon, some Greek mythology and some Jewish mysticism, then weld on a pinball machine." It's a bit of a letdown after that, however.

Talisman by Games Workshops is also headed for the video game world.

Sunday's Stone Soup comic creates a familiar board gaming scene ...

Play Chess to the sound of live blues music in London.


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