Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekend Coming

This weekend I will be at a hotel for the bar-mitzvah of my nephew. The family will be together, so I expect some gaming for me (Bridge, Puerto Rico, ...) and my nephews and nieces (whatever I bring).

I'm a bit under the weather so I hope I can stay awake.

My kitchen table is covered with blocks and stones in various colors. I've got a few majorly good mechanics messing around, but I can't quite get it to gel. I'm thinking a nice theme will help do the trick. In the meantime, I leave it out in case I get a sudden flash of inspiration.

I refuse to consider going to BGG.con unless I have another good, tested prototype to exhibit.

Game News

The Futurist on Crunchgear rips into electronic-assisted board games.

Education Week learns a lesson from the unbalanced mechanics of Monopoly. Which was the original point of the game, I believe.

BGNews (that's "Bowling Green") pimps board games, as does the Tigard Times for Rainy Day Games.


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