Sunday, April 29, 2007

April Gaming at the JSGC

We played the following games at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club during April. As usual, this doesn't include additional games I played outside the club. It includes Games Day during Passover.

I believe that the club is looking to do a major game swap sometimes soon, as we seem to be bored of most of the games. Note the increase in the proportion of card games played.

24/7 - Sorry, Sunriver. Good for 10-12 year olds. Not enough to hold our interest.

Amun-Re - Still liked a lot.

Bridge x 4 - Played with more frequency as other games move out of favor.

Carcassonne - My brother left this with me as he would like to sell or trade it.

Carcassonne: the City - Tried and not very successfully. I should be receiving my own copy of this some day, and I expect to take a deeper look at it.

Caylus x 2 - I can enjoy this two-player, but no more than that. Others still like it a lot.

Chess x 2 - Played on Games Day with some non-gamers.

Cosmic Encounter - Loved by some, but too much for others.

Die Macher x 2 - Two half-games, actually. The Long Game gets its due, and we hope to finish the second-half of the game sometime soon, as we saved the game state. Actually enjoying it more now than my first play in Dallas at the first BGG.con. Still would be nice to play a five round variant, however.

El Grande - Enjoyed by most.

Geschenkt - A nice filler, but too quick for anything else.

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation - Another filler, this one for two people only.

Lost Cities - Too simple for us. For trade or for sale, played a few times.

Mau - The card game I loathe, but enjoyed by a few.

Nautilus - Universally considered blah. Pretty pieces just go to show that pretty pieces do not an exciting game make.

Netrunner - I am still just beginning on this, but my two opponents so far are wary of the game's flaws.

Power Grid x 2 - Still highly requested and enjoyed, but we need a break from it.

Princes of Florence - Still enjoyed very much.

San Juan x 2 - Not exactly a laugh a minute, but a medium-length diversion.

Santiago - I still love it, while others are willing but not overly excited by it.

Settlers of Catan - Enjoyed by the new players and me, but so much by the veterans.

Shogi - Adam played this with a non-gamer on Games Day. I'd like to try it.

Tichu x2 - Played with more frequency as other games move out of favor.

Vulkan - Played once, and was a quick and simple diversionary game/puzzle.

World of Warcraft - An eight-hour slug-fest on Games Day, and the game still didn't end, but the players had a great time. Keep it away from me.

Zertz - A nice filler abstract from Gipf.


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