Monday, April 02, 2007

As Long As We're Linking 20 - My Updated Gaming Blogroll

This is my regular update on the board game blogosphere.

Seeing as we're up to issue 20, I thought I'd repost the complete blog-roll, so that those of you keeping score on RSS can also enjoy it.

New Blogs

AngstyBlog - Appears to be a collective blog. At least one of them lives in Canada.

Ed's Gaming Blog - Edward Wedig, Columbus, OH.

Fortress: Ameritrash - This collective blog, spearheaded by Michael Barnes, started after Michael left BGG. Although a bit pedantic, it's covered some interesting topics. They cover American games, highly themed and often luck-based, such as Axis and Allies.

In the Games Cupboard - Social Work Dad, UK.

Just a thought... - Michael Erb writes mainly game reviews.

The Metagamers - A podcast by Mark Haberman, Jay Little (ynnen), Jim Cote.

On Board Games - Another podcast, with Donald Dennis, Erik Dewey, and Scott Nicholson (the latter of boardgameswithscott).

Roll To Hit - All types of table top games, including board games.

Table Top Land - Primarily CCGs, but also other game types.

Two If I Play - Nathan Livni, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working on game design.

Luke's Gathering of Friends 2007 Blog - This blog by Lucas Hedgren will be active only for one or two weeks as a journal of this year's Gathering of Friends.

My Gaming Blogroll

If a blog is in this list, it: is about board games, or has occasional postings about board games, or its game content is sufficiently general that it can apply to board games; updates frequently and has updated lately; is of general interest, and not simply commercial announcements. If a blog is in this list and does not adhere to the above list, it is likely on the way to being dropped from my list.

If a blog is not in this list, it: may be unknown to me; is only about a single board game, such as Chess or Poker, and is irrelevant to other board games; does not adhere to the above list of requirements.

I track a number of other gaming-related blogs that are not in this list because they: contain occasionally interesting articles about board games; are new and have not yet proven themselves to be worthy of inclusion; are interesting in some other way.

If I'm missing any blogs or sites that warrant inclusion, please email or comment.


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