Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zebra Games

For my daughter, Tal.

- My mother has a pack of playing cards with zebras on the back, but not this zebra-striped one in stainless steel.

- Wild Animalopoly - has a zebra space.

- Zebra Zucht - A tile laying game of zebra breeding.

- Affenraffen - One among many Memory games with zebras. The card game Zebra, played with a standard deck of playing cards, is a Memory game where matches are with either of the cards of the same rank but opposite color.

- Drôles de Zèbres - An area control game with zebras in a zoo.

- Zebras & Löwen - Keep the lions away from the zebras.

- HappyAnimals - Children's game.

- Trivial Pursuit - Genus III is one among many Trivia games with at least one question about zebras.

- Congo - Abstract strategy game, one animal is a zebra.

- Predators - Card game includes zebra playing pieces.

- Madagascar Card Game - Any themed game using this movie has a zebra character. There are even Madagascar Trading Cards.

- Magic: the Gathering - There was a gold card, Zebra Unicorn.

- Across the Horizons - An equine RPG, where one of the four character choices is to play a zebra.

- Chess - one of many chess sets with zebras for pieces. Many other traditional games feature zebras, such as Tic Tac Toe games and so on. As a chess piece variant, the Zebra is a (2,3) jumping piece.

Online games

- You can play James the Zebra in three online games.

- Don't like Zebras? You can whack them on the head in this online game.

Game News

Numberless is the guy who writes Joystiq's Off the Grid column. His latest post on his own blog is an exploration on how to write game rules.

Belly Busters is a game aimed at tackling obesity.



Jack said...

I saw a game played on a board which depicted a wide Zebra with it's stripes as spaces on the board. I think the game was called Safari Cafe, but I can't find it on the Geek.



Yehuda said...

Oh yeah, I saw that, but I passed it by. Maybe I shouldn't have. Hmmm.