Sunday, April 29, 2007

Also on eBay: Lessons from a Bridge Master

$750 will get you a day's worth of lessons from a "leading expert" at an East Coast tournament. The expert's name is not specified.

Helena Kling writes to tell me that the dice in the Cribbage board are "poker dice", five dice with sides 9 through Ace. The object of the game is to roll the best hand (after two or three throws, I guess).

Humps and Horns is a rodeo board game that is also looking to sell it's own license. Price: $250,000 . "Humps and Horns" is a trademark, and apparently also a commonly used phrase in the cattle community.

The uberGeek comic strip User Friendly published a board game over the past three weeks: board, pieces, and rules.

A Salon writer describes an interesting variation on Clue that she used to play as a kid, where the object was to perpetrate, rather than solve, the murder.

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