Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Independence Day Filler Post

My posting may be a little light again, owing to Independence Day plans, and the fact that I'm working on some longer posts again (including UK's copyright law).

Last night Rachel invited over a few of our synagogue members for some Israeli singing, a traditional Independence Day thing. All the songs are from around the founding of the state and sound like they're from Europe. Or they're in Yiddish.

But before the singing got started, our first visitors, which included Nadine and another neighbor who plays Scrabble, played Anagrams with me. Being the most experienced player, I made a good showing, but the Scrabble player did quite well, too. Tal also joined us.

Tal, Nadine and I also played Set a little later on.

Nadine is not too much into singing - she came over mostly because her teenagers had taken over her house - so she and I tried to hammer out the game design I'm working on. We tossed a few ideas around. Unfortunately, I found it hard to think with a chorus of singing going on in the next room, so I eventually gave up the idea. La la la.

Today I was rudely awaken early to complete a minyan at our shul. There's nothing more hellish than being around nine cheerful singing people in the morning when you haven't yet woken up, and you can't leave.

No more time now; must go to the holy barbecue.


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