Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pre-Passover Game Sale

Hey one and all. In cleaning out my closets before Passover, I found a few games I don't play anymore, and figured I would put them up for sale. If you want them, just leave a comment on this post. If you comment in rhyme, I'll knock a few more bucks off the price.

Dark Tower - Some sort of old game from the '80s. Works fine, but who would want to play it? $5.

Titan - Another game from the '80s, but it's a war game with lots of dice. Shudder. Still in shrink. $10.

ASL - God, more war games. I got a whole shelf of these with lots of books and squares and so on. Puhlease. $20 for the lot. Heck, you can have it for free if you pick it up.

Roads and Boats - Some sort of long Euro-style game. Takes forever. $15.

ElfenRoads - An old Alan Moon game, in shrink. I tend not to like his style of games, so take it. $10.

Cosmic Encounter - Having acquired the newer Mayfair version, I don't need old EON junk lying around. $5.

Settlers of Catan 3D - Some sort of lumpy version of the original. My Plexiglas doesn't fit over it, so it's of no use to me. Kind of bulky. Cost of shipping, I guess.

Poisson d'Avril - This is the only game on the list that's a real game; solid, playable, endless hours of fun. I kind of outplayed it in my youth, but a real find. Make me an offer.

Go - I have a few boards for this game that an archaeologist friend of mine found buried in some sort of tomb. Really old - a few thousand years - but still playable, I guess. They're taking up space in my house, so just come pick them up.



Fellonmyhead said...

Initially I thought you're lyin',

Give me CE for Tide of Iron?
Elfenroads you ought to keep,
Ten dollars, tho', is still not cheap,

It's also well within my power,
To swap my wife for your Dark Tower.

About your ASL, complete?
Perhaps you think that's quite a feat?
Really I can tell it's not,
I, as it happens, own the lot,
Let's not split hairs, this lot is trash,

I don't think I'll part with my cash!

Gerald McD said...

Shame on you! Leading us on like that...

Keren said...

Settlers of Catan sounds like a good game, and I've been meaning to give it a try for a while. If it's okay with you, I can save us the cost of shipping and come by and pick it up tomorrow afternoon - you live in the Arnona/Ramot Rahel area, right? I think I have your address from the gaming club ad in the Jerusalem Post. Those Go boards sound neat too.

(Sorry, don't do rhymes at 2am. ^_^)


Seth Ben-Ezra said...

Eon isn't junk
You no good lousy punk
It will do just fine
Make that CE mine

David Klein said...

I might be interested in the ASL. I'll check with my brother and nephew.

Yehuda said...

Gosh, and I thought this year's was even easier than last year's.

- The date
- The tags
- The fact that the cheapest of these game is well over $100
- The fact that I listed Poisson d'Avril as the only real game ...

Keren: Come on Wednesday for our all day Games Day and I'll teach you Settlers of Catan.


Ozvortex said...

I would have been interested in your Settlers of Catan 3D but I managed to pick up a complete copy at a local thrift store for AU$3.00 yesterday. The wooden chest had a couple of scratches though...

Adam said...

I'll trade you Monopoly for Poisson d'Avril.

Keren said...

Heh, burned! Should have been more wary -

Keren said...

- guess I'm getting too used to the Hebrew calendar (scary thought!)

(And, oops, pressed enter by accident. >_< )

PS: Again, I really enjoyed game day. Hope to drop by again one of these Wednesdays.

Yehuda said...

Keren: It was great to see you; I was a bad host and neglected you. I promise to play with you personally next time.