Sunday, April 08, 2007

In Memory of the Magic Rat: Jason Sato

Serious post today, folks. Yesterday saw the death of one of my favorite game bloggers, Jason Sato aka The Magic Rat.

I never met Jason, never talked to him, never even corresponded with him. Yet, like so many others now who choose to share their lives, thoughts, and feelings with the world, we "met" in ways other than physical.

Jason and I both gamed and blogged. We both liked Puerto Rico and disliked Fluxx.

Jason managed to game several times every week with friends from the Arizona Boardgamers, at the Game Depot, Pyle Adult Center, Game Den, Bookman's Used Books, Gamers Inn, Gamer's Edge, or friends such as Scott Bailey or Llarry and Steph Amrose. and every Wednesday and weekend he would reports in loving detail the games and friends that connected with him. Lately he played a lot of Hero Clix, Horror Clix, and Tichu.

From his writings, he seems to have been a gentleman and a good friend. I regret that I will never now have the honor of knowing him.

According to the Arizona games mailing list, he was well-liked by the gaming community. He suffered a stroke while playing games at the Games Depot. The Game Depot is allegedly planning something in his memory at the store for the evening of the 21st.

Jason ended every one of his blog entries with "Peace, out."

Peace, out, Jason.

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