Thursday, April 05, 2007

Games Day Session Report

The Games Day Session report can be found here. Games played: 24/7, Amun-Re, Bridge, Carcassonne: the Castle City, Chess, Die Macher, El Grande, Geschenkt, Lost Cities, Nautilus, Netrunner, Power Grid, Princes of Florence, Santiago, Settlers of Catan, Shogi, World of Warcraft, Zertz.

- 21 participants. Some new faces.

- First play of Carcassonne: the Castle. We're not impressed.

- The world's quickest game of Netrunner, ever (a first round win).

- An 8 hour plus game of World of Warcraft that didn't even finish. Other games also get abandoned.

- 3 rounds of Die Macher.



Simon J said...

That's Carc: The City, not Carc: The Castle.

Yehuda said...

Whoops. Thanks, Simon.