Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Be Noticed! Submit Articles to the Games Carnival

I had posts listed in a few more blog carnivals again in the last week or two (other than the ones I already mentioned):

Games Carnival
Harry Potter Carnival
Travel Carnival

And, of course, I hosted the Haveil Havalim carnival a few days ago.

I will be hosting the Games Carnival in two weeks time, August 22. If you would like your article or blog post listed in the carnival, submit it to me by email or at the above link.

What is a Blog Carnival?

A blog carnival is simply a single post that links to other posts on one topic. It is a great way to find a lot of posts written about the same general topic or other people writing about the same topic. It is an inspiration for writing good posts, a convenient way to get your blog found, and a way to exchange blog links.

As you can see from the Haveil Havalim articles which I host, they can get pretty big. My last HH had around 70 links in it. They tend to be much smaller when starting out, such as 10 links or so.

There used to be a really large and popular gamer's carnival for quite some time. By games they meant video games, of course, although I managed to sneak a few articles onto some of them. For some reason, the carnival stopped last April.

In the last few months, a whole bunch of game carnivals started up, including ones specific for video game players, game producers, game designers, and game programmers.

Let's make the game carnival a big one for all types of games, including board and card games, RPGs, CCGs, Chess, Poker, and video games.


- Submit up to two articles. If you submit more than two, I will choose the two I like most. If you submit way more than two, I will be annoyed.

- Posts should be related to games in some way, shape, or form.

- Unless your post is obscene, illegal, grossly ill-mannered, really, really pathetic, not game related, or your submission got lost, I will link to it.

- Submit posts no later than midnight of the evening before, if possible (Aug 21).

- You can submit older posts, but the idea is to submit new posts, if possible.


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