Saturday, August 18, 2007

Contest: Win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Even though I'm unemployed right now, I'm in a generous mood. Can't say why. I guess I'm hopeful that I'll find the "right" job sometime soon.

Or it could be that I finally received my first payment from's affiliate program. I owe this payment entirely to your generously clicking on my affiliate links to Amazon and then buying junk from them. So I'm giving my first affiliate payment back to you. You earned it.

I'm giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to, and all you have to do is 1) meet the entry criteria, 2) be the first one to answer all of my questions correctly, and 3) follow the instructions.

1) Entry Criteria

You must fulfill at least two of any of the following:

a - Be subscribed to my blog via some sort of feed or email service.
b - Have commented on one of my blog posts.
c - Have linked to my blog from somewhere.
d - Have given or sent me a game as a gift.
e - Have donated to me, privately or using the Donation button on my sidebar.
f - Have bought or ordered my game, either as It's Alive published by Reiver Games, or The Menorah Game.

2) 5 Questions (all about me)

a - Name the six blogs to which I now have, or once had, official posting privileges.

b - Name one of the three posts on this blog that I wrote and then deleted.

c - Where on this blog do I use the phrase "Jew, Black, or Blue-eyed"?

d - I am listed as a technical editor for the twelfth volume of what magazine?

e - What am I still waiting for you to figure out?

(tiebreaker) - Send me a list of posts from my archives that you think should be in my highlights, but aren't.

3) Instructions

Email how you fulfill the entry criteria and your answers to me. You have until Monday midnight, Israeli time (5 pm Monday, EST).

If there is more than one winning entry, I'll pick the one who answers question (f) the best. If there are no complete entries, sorry. I'll spend the money on cheap beer (and I don't even like beer).

If you don't know what to buy with your winnings, I'll be happy to make some suggestions in the games dept. The winner must use the gift certificate by clicking through to Amazon from my affiliate link in the sidebar ;-) .

For the fine print, see the contest details in my 1000th Post.


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