Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July Gaming at the JSGC

These games were played in July at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club. As usual, this doesn't include games I personally played outside of the club.

Atlantic Star - New. Four of us played, and I was the only one who thought there was less luck than there appeared to be. I liked it. The others didn't, or weren't convinced.

Bridge x 2 - A staple filler game.

Caylus - Well loved by some of our members, but way too long and mechanical for me.

Chess - Rarely played.

Colosseum - New. A Big Fat Euro with lots of pieces. Kind of long. Playable enough.

Cosmic Encounter - A well loved classic.

Go - A perfect game, but not enough flair for some of the members.

It's Alive - New (sort of). It's nice to have the real live version of this game, finally, instead of only my prototypes.

Lost Valley x 2 - New. A game of exploration and resources. Again, some luck, but a pretty enjoyable game. Will play again.

Order of the Stick - New. Long American combat game based on the hysterical comic of the same name. Reading the rules and cards is fun, as is the playacting. Otherwise, plays something like Munchkin.

Power Grid x 2 - Seems to have become the standard game for much of the group. A bit long and overly mechanical for me, the game was vastly improved by a slight variant we introduced.

Princes of Florence - Another well loved game, but generally not two weeks in a row.

Queries and Theories - An induction game similar to Zendo, based on computer theory.

Settlers of Catan - A classic game for those who haven't played it over a thousand times (and sometimes for them, too).

Shadows Over Camelot - Well loved cooperative game by the group, with the added bonus that people can join and leave in the middle. I'm not so keen on it, but ok.

Shear Panic x 2 - New. Tried and found problematic in some places. Could still be that we're playing wrong.

Tower of Babel - New. I didn't play this.


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