Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breaking News: Dog Breaks Free at Airport, Delays Plane; Woman Misses Flight

Ben Gurion Airport, Israel (exclusive to

Last night at around 12:45 am, a dog being sent via cargo from Ben Gurion airport to Toronto broke free of its cage and began running around the tarmac.

The owner of the dog, one Ms Rachel Adelman, had to get off of her flight and begin chasing after the dog "Ginn". Security services then began chasing after her.

In a scene reminiscent of many of Buster Keaton's Keystone Cops movies, the three ran back and forth across the tarmac in what onlookers could only describe as "hysterically funny".

"First they all went one way," said Mr. Noodleman, a baggage carrier, "dog, lady, and then police. Then they all went the other way. Then all three went different ways. Then they all met, did a double-take, and continued chasing each other."

Ms Adelman's plane eventually took off an hour late while she was still looking for her dog, who by then had completely disappeared. It is not known how many other flights were delayed by the theatrics on the tarmac.

Ms Adelman eventually left the cage to be sent to her husband, and boarded a flight to Toronto, connecting through Rome, at around 5:00 in the morning.

The Downside

OK, I'm making fun, but there's a lot of downside to what happened last night.

Firstly, our dog is now lost at the airport. She may eventually be discovered, recognized, and returned, but she may not.

Secondly, I had to say goodbye to Rachel, going on a nine-month post-doc at U. of T. I'll visit her in November, and she'll visit me in December, and maybe we'll see each other one or two more times. But it will be a long year.



Chris said...

I thought, briefly, that "U of T" meant University of Tennessee - which would be right next to me - but alas, I realise it means University of Toronto... Never mind.

I hope you find your dog!

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you find your dog. That must have been a very rough day.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

The empty cage was just returned to us. No sign of the dog.

The guy who brought the cage said that the only way the dog could have escaped is if some yokel baggage handler opened up the cage to pet the dog.

They flew Rachel first class to Toronto, through Rome. Rome to Toronto was Air Canada, so there she couldn't eat the food, but she could eat the Hagen Daaz, drink the beer, and sleep in the comfortable seats.

I'm invited out for the meals on shabbat. Ariella will be home for one of them.

Thanks for the comments, guys.