Sunday, August 19, 2007

Church Sermons Based on Board Games

What's the Bible Got to do with Board Games? You would know if you've been hearing the sermons at the Grace United Methodist Church lately.

Board games are also a popular activity to attract young people to church functions. Like here. And here. And here. And just about everywhere.

On a different topic, but still speaking of religion, the New York Times as an excellent long read on the intersection of politics and religion.

LifeLearning, a resource for homeschooling, has discovered some introductory Euros and is looking for more suggestions.

Rachel is leaving for Toronto this week; she and I will be visiting each other a few times over the next nine to ten months. Sigh. I'll be in Toronto Nov 1 until the Tuesday before BGG.con.

Kids are starting school. Life goes on.



Chris said...

I saw the Mark Lilla piece the other week; much more intelligent than most commentary on the subject. He actually takes the time to consider the dynamics of Islamic culture which is a pleasant change from presupposing "religion is evil" and not getting any further. :D

Why he felt it necessary to title his book "The Stillborn God" though is a mystery... do the publishers believe that only atheist-themed book titles will sell these days? *shrugs*

I would have thought this book would have benefited from a positive title that could sell it to all parties, but I guess one cannot have everything.

Best wishes!

Yehuda said...

Thanks for the comment, Chris.

The Stillborn God is a pretty cool name, I guess. Academic research is always atheistic, while popular self-help style books are the opposite. It depends on the audience.