Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Got Burned by a Harry Potter Fan

I asked on my local online mailing list if anyone had a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that I could buy. I figured I would read it and then sell it after I read it. The net amount of money spent would be 0.

Then I found out that my son is getting it for a present next week, and two of my friends said I could borrow it after they finished reading it.

While I was waiting, someone sent me the "illegal" online version. I figured that while I was waiting, I may as well read the e-copy.

It was 655 pages long. One thing that struck me as a little strange was the incredible amount of sexual tension throughout the book. Every page or two was flirting, snogging, or banter. I thought, "whoa, she's really upped the minimum age level reader for the last book, huh."

Despite this, the book was well-written in the usual JKR style with excitement, flair, and charm. I wasn't happy with all of her plot decisions, but most things were wrapped up pretty well by the end.

Only, I just found out an hour ago, that the entire thing, all 655 pages, was a fraud. It was an elaborate piece of fan fiction, and had absolutely no relation to the real last book.

I got burned, baby. The funny thing was that it was an incredibly enjoyable read. What a task it must have been to write this!

Now I still get to read the real last book. OK, I was taken, but I feel like I'm getting twice the pleasure.

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