Sunday, August 19, 2007

Right Message, Wrong Market

This is the label of an RC Cola bottle I saw at a wedding this evening. For those of you who don't read Hebrew, the little yellow banner says: No preservatives.

For the last three hours, I've been trying to think of a single person in the entire world who will benefit from this message.

Is there really someone who would not have drunk RC Cola, but now will because it has no preservatives? Or is "no preservatives" supposed to appeal to anyone already in the soda drinking market? You know, the one who will switch from drinking the cola brand he or she has always been drinking to drink this one, now that he or she knows it has no preservatives.

No preservatives. The ingredients are: Water, Sugar, C02, Food Coloring, Edible Acids, Natural Flavors, Caffeine, and Natural Stabilizers. But thank goodness, no preservatives.

What a wasted message.


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