Thursday, August 02, 2007

Session Report, in which we try Samurai

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up here. Games played: Samurai, El Grande, Lost Valley, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Bridge.

We try Samurai for the first time. Binyamin decries the luck in Lost Valley. Ben and Yitzchak get into bidding wars in Power Grid.

The Clutter Diet tells you how to organize your board games.

Boylston Chess Club points us to an article on the all-too-common experience of getting shot while playing Chess. I think it's currently ranked only second in frequency to getting shot while playing cards.

The Athens Messenger tells us about a video game design summer camp. Using board games, of course.

The Escapist runs an article about the "old video games," namely pinball machines.

A nice article from King Lud IC, Flow and Phantasm, talks about things other than fun in the game experience.

Hyatt Hotel chains is partnering with Cranium to bring you the game experience in all of its hotels.

Abilene Reporter News tells everyone to go and play board games, giving Eric Arneson's list of popular board games as suggestions.

For gobs of money, you can buy

Gnome Games is using board games for employee evaluation at companies.


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