Monday, August 27, 2007

The Guardian on Board Games

Today's Guardian has an excellent article on board games. Aside from hyping the repopularization of board games, he actually touches on addiction to board games.

Heh. It seems that something can't become popular without it also becoming addicting.

A BBC article took a look at using PacMan and a buzzer to analyze fear in the brain.

Someone unearthed a set of Tarot card drawn in a concentration camp during the Holocaust by a political prisoner. They're pretty realistic and gruesome.

The Epoch Times covers how board games raise your academic abilities.

LaunchPoker reports that electronic poker dealing machines are not replacing human poker dealers, because patrons feel it is too much like sitting at home playing poker on the computer.

A 100 year-old woman attributes her longevity in part to the card game Stupid.

Another card game shooting, but this time they tell us the game that was being played: tong-its.

A Mormon's perspective on his religion's ban on card playing.


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