Friday, August 10, 2007

Electronic Arts Buys Rights to Hasbro Games

You'll soon be seeing Hasbro games done up fine and fancy on your video systems. Electronic Arts has reached an agreement with Hasbro to produce Monopoly, Scrabble, et al.

These are the games that were shrinking in popularity due to the onset of computer games, right? Being able to play them on your computer makes them better? Will you at least be able to play these over the Internet with other players?

Rahala is a trivia game covering 4000 years of Arab history.

New Yorker magazine has its own board game, too.

By the way, my last post came about as I'm in the middle of doing some extensive research into Web 2.0 companies. One other curious fact I've learned (I've studied more than 200 Web 2.0 companies, so far): almost no women anywhere are managing or founding these companies, and not a single black person. Lots of white males, Jews, Asians, and Europeans. If this trend continues, expect a longer blog post about it.


Adelaide Gamer said...

Yet, in my unfocused searches and browsing of the acadameia about the topic, I find that there's a fair portion of female commentators on the phenomena.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Yes. Maybe no one has yet done a survey.