Friday, August 10, 2007

How to Create a Web 2.0 Brand Name

1. Choose one of the following:

A. Misspelled word OR two misspelled words
B. misCapitalize
C. Funny name
D. Punned Phrase OR joined phrase

A. Misspelled word(s)

a. Drop a letter from the word. Dropping an "e" is popular, e.g. Flickr. Or a vowel before a letter which sounds like itself, phonetically, such as "l" or "r", e.g. Vowl.
b. Double a letter, such as "r". Grrls.
c. Change a vowel sound into the appropriate number. Gr8!
d. Add an extraneous letter in front: iTomato, jDiapers, eSnoring, xFiles.
e. For two misspelled words, misspell one or both and concaten8.

B. misCapitalize

E.g. tUnes. MissPell. grbagE.

C. Funny name

Choose a color and an animal, e.g. Blue Octopus. Red Shellfish. Turquoise Tomato. Or try an alcoholic drink (or something that sounds like one), e.g. Blue Martini, Purple Jamaica.

D. Phrases

SingShot. PhoneHomey. SecludedSound. TVGlide. Human Textuality. BlahBlahBlah.

For best results, try to get a "hip" word into the name, like "click", "dot", "web", "share", "connect", etc...

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