Friday, August 10, 2007

July Board and Card Game Patents

The patent train is leaving the station. All aboard!

Quoit board - The game of Quoits isn't popular enough, according to this patent's claim, because the board is too heavy. Here's a plastic board.

Method of playing a card game - 3 card poker game with two rounds, one communal, and one individual vs the dealer.

Board Game - The game of Sevinpold, not terribly well-thought of by BGGers. The designers claim that the game combines luck and skill, and allows you to win with some lucky tosses no matter how far behind you are.

Game board - A design patent for a board of six 4x4 diamonds arranged in a hexagon.

Method of playing a poker-type wagering game with multiple betting options - Each player gets three cards as individual hands. They can toss one for free, and a second losing part of the bet after the first common card is flipped up.

Board game - A design patent for a board game called Compassion. The board looks a lot like the Trivial Pursuit board.

Slotted game board and gaming table - A games table that includes slots in the table surface to hold cards or dominoes.

Card game - A shedding game. Discard a card that is a multiple or divisor of the top card in the discard pile. There must be more to the game because I can't imagine how this could work.

Golf board game - From the description, an intentionally dumb board game that doesn't require the players to have to think, allowing more time for socializing.

Casino game with multiple playing modes and wagering options - A convoluted poker game called "Showdown Poker".

Game board - Math based game on a board that looks a lot like a Mancala board.

A light month.


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