Sunday, December 02, 2007

Entry to the Game Contest Now Closed

Welcome to the 234 people who have joined the contest.

I will be posting a series of eight games over the next few days. The games span various genres so that hopefully everyone will enjoy one or more of them. Games range from classic word games to creative contests to logic puzzles to another version of the trading game I ran at BGG.con .

The general rules are as follows:

Unless the rules say otherwise, you send an entry for a game to my email address with an identifying word in the subject line by the specified time. Emails without the specified word in the subject line or sent after the specified time will be disqualified.

In the case of ties, the first email I receive with the highest score will be considered the winner. You may send me an updated email with another entry if you feel that you can score higher than your first email. The time of your last email determines your entry time.

You may discuss strategies and options with other players as much as you like before sending me your entries. You may do so using the group or privately. Nothing you write in these discussions need be true and you are not bound by any promises you make. Only one player will win each contest unless the rules say otherwise.

You may not use multiple identities for two memberships in this group. You may collude with other players, however.

Please don't hack or abuse any websites during these games. I won't be responsible if I send you on a treasure hunt to some website and you end up kicked off their site as a result of bad behavior.

The footer for the emails in the group includes each of the sponsors for the prizes in this contest. I hope it's not too irksome; I felt it was only fair. Do pay them a visit.

The first game will be start in a few hours.



The Reish Galuta of the Geula said...

oh Doh! I wanted to join, but I thought I was already a member of jergames.

Then after you posted this, I realized it was google groups jergames instead of the Yahoo groups one.


Yehuda Berlinger said...

Fixed for you and others in the same situation.