Monday, December 10, 2007

Sixth Game

For those of you playing at home, here is the sixth game. You can't win if you are not a member of the game contest group, but you're welcome to send me a submission anyway.

FunAgain Games was kind enough to donate a $50 coupon for this game. FunAgain Games isthe Internet's second best source of information on games, after Board Game Geek. They also provide great services for the community, hosting great game content like The Dice Tower podcast, and was once the only host of the Games 100 listing.


Mrs. Noodlemaker is thinking of buying 10 games at Funagain whose total weight is exactly 5,812 grams (by Funagain's weight numbers on each game's page). Send me the ten games Mrs. Noodlemaker is thinking of buying.

If you can't find games whose weight totals exactly this number, send me ten games with weights and their total weight. The player who's closest to the correct weight (over or under) wins. First person to send in the closest weight wins if there's a tie.


Send your entry to . The entry MUST have the word NOODLEMAKER in the subject. Any entry without the word NOODLEMAKER in it will be spanked. Entries MUST have all ten games listed, AND their individual weights, AND heir total weight.

The contest ends 5:00 am EST on Tuesday, which gives you around 36 hours to enter.


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