Monday, December 03, 2007

Second Game, part 1

For those of you playing at home, here is the second game. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to win if you did not register in the jergames group. Please don't send me any guesses during this round of play.

Wits and Wagers by NorthStar Games is a relatively new party game that has been having some critical and commercial success. Its game-play is something like:

- Ask a question to which no one could possibly know the exact right answer.

- Allow each player to answer.

- Arrange the answers in numerically ascending order.

- Allow each player to place two 5 point bids on what they think are the most likely correct or closest answers WITHOUT GOING OVER. The payout for these bids is: the centermost answer pays 1 to 1. The most extreme low or high answers pay 5 to 1. Other answers pay proportionally following a linear descending order to the center.

- Award points for correct bids, and an additional 10 points for anyone who supplied the winning answer.

A complete demonstration video was created by Board Games with Scott. The box game involves seven questions and answers in sequence. We're going to do all seven questions in parallel.

How to play:

Part 1: Send your guesses for this game to my email address (registered entrants only).

NOTE: ALL EMAILS for this game MUST INCLUDE the word WITSANDWAGERS in the subject. Any emails received that do not include this word will be disqualified. Furthermore, I will accept entries for this game only until 5 am Tuesday, EST. That gives you about 22 hours.

Tomorrow I will post the answers and we will do part 2. You can choose to participate in either part 1 or part 2, or both. If I do not get enough guesses for any of the questions in Part 1, I will supply some fake guesses of my own to fill them out.


The prize for this contest is a copy of Wits and Wagers, of course.


Creating the questions was a challenge, because I had to come up with seven questions about which you couldn't simply Google the answers, but about which you could deduce some rough possibilities. I'm afraid that all I could come up with was "more fascinating facts about Yehuda".

The questions are:

1: The street number of the first house I lived in. (Hint: Madison Avenue, West Hempstead, NY).
2: The number of people at my Bar-Mitzvah.
3: The price I payed for my recent plane fair from Tel Aviv to Toronto
to Dallas, back through Toronto and Frankfurt, and returning to Tel Aviv.
4: The number of Frequent Flier miles I earned for these flights. (Hint: on Aeroplan)
5. The number of people in my high school graduating class. (Hint: Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, class of 1985)
6. Number of days since I've moved to Israel
7. Number of answers to all seven questions that don't go over


Feel free to use the opportunities provided by this forum to discuss possible answers.


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