Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hurry Up! Last Few Days to Nominate for BGIAs

Here's your last chance to nominate the best game related online material of 2007. Click through to the BGIA awards to cast your nominations.


Rachel and I played two games of PR last night. I shook up the board a little by returning Small Market and swapping Hospice for Guest House and Discretionary Hold for Small Wharf.

In the first game, Rachel took Small Market but could barely use it. Meanwhile I did some nice damage with Guest House and Large General Workhouse, although Rachel was careful enough to Mayor before the game ended by my filling in my last building space. I won by around 48 to 43.

In the second game, I took Small Market and Factory, a very ordinary strategy. Rachel had Large Business, Office, and Small Fashion District. I had to leave moments before it ended, but Rachel says that I also won by a point. But that was only because she wanted the game to finish. She could have made the game go one more round and beat me by a point, instead, I believe.


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