Friday, December 07, 2007

Thrd Game Results

One player picked a game that starts with a number, which was clearly against the rules.

One player said that the site claims it will order any game for you, therefore any game in existence is in fact "for sale through their site".

For the remaining, normal, people, here are the games that you tried to recommend to Bryan:

A Game of Thrones Storm of Swords x 4
Age of Discovery x 7
Age of Mythology x 2
Agora x 11
A House Divided x 1
Alchemist x 1
Alexander the Great x 3
Alhambra x 4
Alhambra The City Gates x 4
Alhambra The Thief's Turn x 3
Alhambra The Vizier's Favor x 2
Alhambra Treasure Chamber x 3
Alhambra the Dice Game x 3
Another Day Another Dollar Horror x 1
Another Day Another Dollar Kung Fu x 1
Another Day Another Dollar Musicals x 1
Apples to Apples x 1
Arena Maximus x 3
Arkadia x 1
Arkham Horror x 2
Around the World in 80 Days x 1
Attika x 1
Aura Poku x 1
Australia x 1
Axis & Allies Pacific x 1
Balloon Cup x 1
Basari x 1
Bell-Bottomed Badasses on the Mean Streets of Funk x 1
Bohnanza x 1
Blue Moon Emissaries & Inquisitors Blessings x 1
BuyWord x 2
Captain Treasure Boots x 1
Carcassonne King and Scout x 1
Caesar and Cleopatra x 1
Coloretto x 1
Cthulhu 500 x 1
Dos Rios x 1
Scrabble x 1

A House Divided is available for sale on the site as a pre-order (insert groan of some unhappy players here).

Bryan will soon be trying out his new game, A House Divided, as soon as SC gets it in stock. That makes Rob Cannon Bryan Adams' luckiest teenage girl fan. Congratulations, Rob. I'll make sure you get the gift certificate and phone number as soon as possible.


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Isaac Bickerstaff said...

The cataloger in me says that "A House Divided" starts with the letter H, not A. But then I realize that I suggested an out of print game, and obviously didn't understand the rules.

Congrats, Rob!