Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Second Game, Continued

For those of you playing at home, here is part 2 of the second game. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to win if you did not register in the jergames group. You may send me guesses during this round of play.

35 people participated in part one of this game: Ian Mackey, Koby Shachar, Scott Nicholson, Adam Lipkin, Humphrey Clerx, Avri Balofsky, Jon Jacob, Mark Salamon, Jeff Sumner, Michelle Zentis, Sean Brady, Gail Spontelli, Seth Ben-Ezra, Mark Jackson, Christopher Tyler, Jonathan Davis, Ernie Lai, Frank Teplin, Ravindra Prasad, Thomas Gore, Mark Hansen, Bo Link, DebBob, Derek Jung, Ken Spontelli, Jeff Canar, Brad Brooks, Mikko Saari, Johnny German, Terri Kidd, Eric Endres, Aliza Paniz, Mischa Krilov, Jonas Martinsson, David Klein.


I woke up this morning with the realization that part 2 can't work exactly as I had planned. In regular W&W, there are a maximum of seven entries. That means your odds of picking the right entry are at least one in eight (adding the "all guesses are too high" option).

With 35 entries, your odds of picking the right entry are just too small. Just about everyone, except the people who submitted the winning results, are likely to score nothing at all.

Therefore I have decided to change the game a tad: if you pick the right entry, you get the full payout. If you pick the entry just one less than the correct one, you get half the payout.


Send your submissions for this game to my email address shadejon@gmail.com .

Each submission should contain two bets for each question: either one bet on two different answers each, or a double bet on one answer, for each question. One or both of your bets can also be "All of the answers are too high", although Mischa kind of ruined that option for us.

You bet on two answers in each question that you think are likely to be the winning answer, or you place a double bet on one answer if you think it's very likely to be the winning answer.

No, you do not actually "bet", you simply "pick". In other words, not betting does not result in you keeping any points.

Not perfect, but it's a result of my not having thought through the number of replies that I would receive and how that unbalances the original mechanics of the game.

NOTE: ALL EMAILS for this game MUST INCLUDE the word WITSANDWAGERS2 (note the "2") in the subject. Any emails received that do not include this word will be disqualified. Furthermore, I will accept entries for this game only until 5 am Wednesday, EST. That gives you about 23 hours.


The street number of the first house I lived in.
1. 1(MK) 12(HC) 18(DK) 31(JM) 60(AB) 100(TG) 117(CT) 205(EL) 210(JS) 212(MS) 300(GS) 300(DB) 312(SB) 315(JG) 319(MH) 320(BB) 323(MZ) 338(EE) 351(DJ) 373(KS) 407(AL) 422(AP) 424(JD) 438(BL) 445(IM) 450(JJ) 467(TK) 493(KS) 651(SN) 1034(MS) 1313(SBE) 1355(JC) 1949(RP) 2001(MJ) 2400(FT)

The number of people at my Bar-Mitzvah.
2. 1(MK) 15(TG) 24(JD) 39(CT) 40(BB) 40(MH) 42(AB) 50(SBE) 52(TK) 53(JG) 54(HC) 60(DK) 62(KS) 63(DJ) 68(MS) 75(EE) 89(GS) 100(JC) 100(DB) 101(SB) 101(EL) 111(JM) 122(AP) 124(AL) 130(SN) 137(MS) 142(RP) 150(MJ) 153(BL) 175(FT) 208(KS) 210(JS) 250(JJ) 269(MZ) 315(IM)

The price I payed for my recent plane fair from Tel Aviv to Toronto to Dallas, back through Toronto and Frankfurt, and returning to Tel Aviv.
3. 1(MK) 210(JS) 600(HC) 716(JD) 763(MZ) 800(SN) 850(JC) 920(TK) 974(AP) 986(BL) 990(MJ) 999(JG) 1047(DJ) 1100(BB) 1100(EL) 1125(SB) 1200(DB) 1200(TG) 1221(AL) 1255(KS) 1267(DK) 1276(KS) 1287(GS) 1306(JJ) 1315(FT) 1320(IM) 1692(RP) 1783(CT) 1875(EE) 2159(AB) 2348(MS) 2700(MH) 3400(MS) 3954(JM) 4000(SBE)

The number of Frequent Flier miles I earned for these flights.
4. 0(CT) 0(JS) 1(MK) 400(SN) 1000(TG) 1200(HC) 1267(DK) 1500(JD) 1650(KS) 2000(TK) 3350(EE) 8200(IM) 2850(AL) 4318(AB) 8000(JM) 9000(MS) 10000(BB) 11000(MH) 12000(BL) 12000(FT) 12198(AP) 13001(JG) 13530(DJ) 13940(MZ) 13950(KS) 13965(JJ) 14402(SB) 15000(SBE) 15500(GS) 20000(JC) 20000(DB) 20500(EL) 25000(MJ) 33000(RP) 500000(MS)

The number of people in my high school graduating class.
5. 1(MK) 8(AB) 19(MH) 20(TK) 22(KS) 24(CT) 24(HC) 25(MS) 26(JG) 30(SBE) 34(MS) 37(GS) 40(MJ) 44(IM) 45(DK) 48(JM) 48(DJ) 50(DB) 52(AP) 53(AL) 75(BB) 75(TG) 75(EL) 76(MZ) 100(RP) 115(FT) 120(JJ) 140(BL) 175(SB) 178(KS) 200(JC) 210(JS) 250(SN) 425(JD) 545(EE)

Number of days since I've moved to Israel
6. 1(MK) 98(EE) 192(AL) 210(JS) 300(JC) 365(JD) 490(FT) 600(SN) 624(IM) 747(JJ) 1000(TG) 1004(SB) 1024(HC) 1068(MH) 1300(MS) 1462(MS)1500(BB) 1665(MZ) 1700(MJ) 1930(EL) 1945(GS) 1945(JG) 2000(SBE) 2066(KS) 2222(CT) 2551(RP) 2850(TK) 3497(KS) 3800(BL) 3898(AP) 4567(JM) 5820(DB) 5959(DJ) 7300(DK) 9230(AB)

Number of answers to all seven questions that don't go over
7. 1(MK) 1(JC) 1(AB) 2(MS) 4(TG) 5(KS) 9(AL) 10(JJ) 12(BL) 13(TK) 26(JM) 30(MH) 40(SN) 42(RP) 45(MS) 46(EL) 48(CT) 50(BB) 64(DJ) 84(IM) 100(DK) 120(FT) 128(HC) 150(DB) 150(JG) 156(MZ) 210(JS) 230(SBE) 241(EE) 316(JD) 563(KS) 698(AP) 714(SB) 725(GS) 899(MJ)


The winning answer for each question is the answer that is exactly correct. If none of the answers is exactly correct, the highest answer which does not exceed the answer that is exactly correct is the winning answer. You receive a payout for your bet if your bet is placed on the winning answer, or on the answer immediately lower than the winning answer, or if you supplied the winning answer, as follows:

The payout is proportional to the distance the winning answer lies from the median answer.

30 (all answers too high), 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, (10), 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

A payout of 10 is assigned only if the number of unique answers is odd. If there are less than 35 unique answers, remove the extreme payouts on either side (the 30 always remains).

You score half the payout value of your bet if your bet was placed on the answer immediately lower than the winning answer.

You score 10 bonus points if you supplied the winning answer.

Points for all seven answers are totaled for each player.

The winner is the player with the most points.

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