Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Story of You 2007

Gamer props

For the funsmith, who keeps finding it in all sorts of places: Bernie DeKoven

For being Head Geek of Board Game Geek and still rocking the house: Scott Alden and the rest of the staff

For Board Games with Scott, a video blog that's unexpectedly great: Scott Nicholson

For the Board Game Babylon, the classiest board game podcast: E.R. Burgess

For the second stop for board games on the internet: W. Eric Martin and the rest of the gang at Board Game News

For Reiver Games, for publishing my game and for letting the world in on the details of how that happened: Jackson Pope

For Buffalo Gamebuffs: Tim

For Critical Gamers, continued coverage of all things gaming: The Staff

For Critical Hits: Dave Chalker

For Gamer's Mind, continuing game reports and analysis: Jim Cote

For Gone Gaming, now merging with Board Game News: The Staff

For his work on Joystiq and Escapist: Scott Jon Siegel

For NYC Gamer and BGG posts: Tom Rosen

For doggedly trying to keep the new Game Carnival going: Jeff Myers

For BGG.con friendship: Mischa Krilov, Chris Brooks, Jim Ginn, Aaron Fuegi, and Chad Ellis

For The Dice Tower, Secret Santa, and lots of other goodness: Tom Vasel

For the Tao of Gaming: Brian Bankler

For comments on more than one of my posts this year: Brian, Maksim, Gnome, Seth, Dave, Mischa, Brenda, Mikko, Chris, Eric, John, Avri, Dani, Simon, David, Jeff, Scooter, Gavin, Dee, Pleader, Jonas, Nathaniel, Alfred, meowsqueak, Anthony, Gerald, Eddie, me-ander, Jack, Gabriel, Keren, David K, Nadine, Timothy, and Jackson

For everyone who linked to, sponsored, quoted, or republished my stuff (with permission)

Israel / Jewish props

For Haveil Havalim and other goodness: Soccer Dad

For Treppenwitz, awesome writing and poignant stories: David Bogner

For trying hard to get games going in Israel: The members of the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club, Avri, Gilad, Johnathan, and Helena

For continuing to talk: The Staff of Good Neighbors

For awesome reporting: Michael Totten

For being so happy and idealistic: Yael

For fighting the good fight: Orthomom

For food: Joy restaurant and Burgers Bar.

Tech and Blogging Props

For headlines: Brian Clark

For perfection: Kathy Sierra

For wit and wisdom: Hugh MacLeod and Seth Godin

For building communities: The Staff of Performancing and Darren Rowse

For tech happenings: Slashdot and Techdirt

For pictures: Snagit, Picasa, High Quality Photo Resizer, and Flickr

For videos: Videolan and Youtube

For browsing: Firefox

For connecting: Gmail, Google Talk, and Jajah

For utility: Time Calendar, AVG virus, Startup Control Panel

Distraction Props

Boing Boing


The Daily Show

Comics: Girls With Slingshots, Punch 'n Pie, Something Positive, Indexed, Order of the Stick, xkcd, 9 Chickweed Lane, Count Your Sheep, Dilbert, Doonesbury, For Better or For Worse, Funky Winkerbean, Kevin and Kell, Pearls Before Swine, Questionable Content, Stone Soup, Tom Toles, User Friendly, and Zits


Jack Steiner said...

Have a safe new year.

Dave The Game said...

Thanks for the shout-outs and keep up the good work!

treppenwitz said...

Thanks and happy, erm, Sylvester. :-)

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks back at you. Here's to more of a goos thing.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the props Yehuda! I was really surprised to see my name. I never realize that anyone might actually be reading my blog, which I write primarily for myself I suppose :)

Props to you too by the way. Your blog is by far the most reliable one in my RSS reader! The rest of us just post occasionally, but every time I refresh, I've got something new from you to read, which is a real treat! So thanks for a great 2007, and here's hoping for another great year in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the props Yehuda! Much appreciated! Hope your secular new year was of the happy variety!