Monday, December 10, 2007

Fifth Game and Results

For those of you playing at home, this was the fifth game. I've been a little slow posting them here to my blog, so this game is already over. Here were the rules.

The entries were posted on the game contest group. I will ask the authors if they don't mind my reposting them here as well.

Since the last game scared off all the right-brain types as well as twenty players, and since shabbat is coming up tomorrow, here's a right-brain game to make it up to them.

I'm giving away a copy of my game It's Alive, a $30 value. My game has received a lot of critical praise and reviews. It was published in a limited first edition of 300 numbered copies which are quickly running out! It's essentially a light auction set-collection game with a Frankenstein theme.

My game is published by Reiver Games, run by a great guy named Jack who's now working on publishing his third game.

Also for this game, Z-man games is giving away a copy of it's newest card game fresh out of Essen, Pick & Pack, a $20 value. It's a two player game where you pick and pack apples into crates - the catch is the mechanical arm is broken and you control the arm going vertically while the other player controls its horizontal movement.

Z-man games is one of the premier new game companies with a huge catalog of games in the top 200 on Board Game Geek.


Really easy: just write something in poetry or prose in the style of your favorite author or poet about board or card games. Either adapt an existing work by the author, or create a new one in his or her style.

I will carefully judge the works based on accuracy of style, poignancy, humor, and literary merit, and then I'll pick the ones that I like best since I don't know anything about style, poignancy, humor, or literary merit. (Dart-boards come in handy for these types of games.)

The winner gets his or her choice of It's Alive or Pick & Pack; the runner up gets whichever the winner didn't select.


If you want to know what kind of stuff I like to write myself, take a look at the right sidebar of my blog under "Literature and Parodies."


Email your entries to me at . Your entries must have the word STORYTIME in the subject of the email. Any entries without the word STORYTIME in the subject will be spanked.

You must send your entry to me by Sunday, 5 AM EST. That gives you about 46 hours.

Unless you say otherwise, I will repost your entry to the group. The reason I didn't simply ask you to post the entry directly to the group to begin with is that I don't want to discourage later entrants after they see all the wonderful first entrants. ;-)


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