Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last Game Session of the Year, in which we play Down Under

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Down Under, Power Grid - Benelux, Taj Mahal, Cosmic Encounter, Bridge, Magic.

We play Down Under and the Power Grid Benelux board for the first time.

Chess News

Art Info has an article about the most expensive chess pieces. A set was sold last May at Christies for $300k, and the article has a lot more info on antique and expensive sets.

Of course, "most expensive" and "art" are not necessarily connected, but the ones they show are kind of pretty. Of course, "pretty" and "art" and not necessarily connected.

Chris Reuber on BGG links to a few articles: Chess played by soldiers in Iraq. Afghan chess boards are a popular item for shipping home by soldiers in Afghanistan.

And Gaping Void links back to one of his earlier articles on the origin of the movement of today's traditional chess pieces.

Other Game News

A slew of people in Beaverton played Warmachine for a good cause, paying their entrance fee in cans of food and the like.

Boston is doing a similarly worthy event for under 5's playing Candyland.

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