Monday, December 03, 2007

November Gaming at the JSGC

These are the games we played at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club in November. As usual, this doesn't include games I played personally outside of the club.

I was away for several sessions, and the others played mostly traditional club games. I brought back lots of new games.

Amun-Re - A club favorite, even though I don't have a copy at the moment.

Bridge x 3 - No used to close nearly every evening. I'm beginning to think we should just start our own Bridge club.

Cosmic Encounter - A club favorite, although can take some time. Still going strong after thirty years.

Magic: the Gathering - A favorite of mine and David's. I brought back several hundred new cards to play with. We always Rochester draft from a random pool of cards.

Power Grid - A club favorite, and liable to get a lot more life from the new board I brought back.

Robo Rally - I thought the club would like this, even though it's both strategic and heavily chaotic. Gili fell into the pits too many times and got frustrated with it. The rest of us had a blast, I think.

San Juan x 2 - A very standard club opening game while waiting for others to show.

Schotten Totten - Played once without the special cards, needs more plays to evaluate properly.


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