Monday, December 03, 2007

First Game Results

Click here for the rules for the first game.

Valid Contestants: Mischa Krilov, Paul Jarc, Mikko Saari, Steve Cates, Koby Shachar, Ted Cheatham, Joe Gola, David Arnott, Gabriel Cunningham, Johnny German, Leadpipe, Ken Spontelli, Duncan Munro, Jonas Martinsson, Mark Engelberg, Bay Chang, Aliza Panitz

Two invalid contestants.


1. Fond push

"Love Shove". Every participant got this correct.

2. Plaything title

"Game name". 16 right. 2 x "Boy Toy". 1 x "hank rank". 1 x "joy toy".

3. Charge for antipathy

"Hate rate". 3. 15 right. 1 x "hack tax". 1 x "grate rate". Two didn't answer.

4. Assistance for a cave-sleeper

"Bear care". 14 right. 1 x "plaid aid". 1 x "care bear". 1 x "blade aid". Two didn't answer.

5. Not many people at this formal dance

"Small ball". 10 right. 2 x "Prom Bomb". 2 x "bomb prom". 1 x "calm prom". 1 x "pall ball". Three didn't answer. "Prom bomb" isn't too bad, but it still doesn't score.

6. Breakfast furniture story

"Table fable". 14 right. 1 x "kitchenette vigenette". 1 x "porridge forage". 1 x "maple table". Two didn't answer.

7. Playful mountain jumper

"silly billy". 8 right. 2 x "Rhymer climber". 1 x "Fun-gee Bungee". 1 x "Happy bungee". 1 x "Rocky jockey". Six didn't answer.

8. Spotty accounting book

"Checkered Record". 2 right. 6 x "Hedger Ledger". 1 x "spreadsheet deceit". 1 x "Slumber's numbers". 1 x "Obscure ledger". 1 x "ledger". Seven didn't answer. I'll give 3 points credit to everyone who tried "hedger ledger", but it's not really grammatical.

9. No time to wash clothes!

"Laundry quandary". 10 right. 1 x "Rushing brushing". 1 x "Later waiter!". 1 x "Squander launder". 1 x "dirty laundry". 5 didn't answer.

10. Over-dramatics of a flower

"Rose's Poses". 1 right. 5 x "crazy daisy". 1 x "hazy daisy". 1 x "blossom possum". 1 x "Yarrow's harrows". 1 x "Hokey posey". 1 x "Edgy veggie". 1 x "Silly Lily". 1 x "Bouquet display". Aliza tried all four: "faster aster", "weepy sweetpea", "silly lily", and "crazy daisy". 5 didn't answer.

Crazy daisy is a sweet phrase, but it hardly qualifies as over-dramatic. Weepy sweetpea is excellent; Unfortunately, Aliza, I can't give you any points because of your four entries. Silly Lilly is also kind of nice, and I'll give it 5 points.

11. A place to go for tinkerers

"Invention convention".5 right. 1 x "Partisan Artisan". 1 x "Mutation location". 1 x "mechanic Titanic". 1 x "Amateur palaver". 1 x "Vocation Location". 9 didn't answer. Amateur palaver is pretty cool, so I'll give it 6 points.

12. The drive to become a rock star

"Musician ambition". 9 right. 1 x "Audition ambition". 1 x "Attire desire". 8 didn't answer.

13. Welcome, but only together

"Invited united". 7 right. 1 x "Committee Admittees". 1 x "Accepted collected". 1 x "meeting greeting". 1 x "reception connection". 8 didn't answer. Accepted collected and meeting greeting are both worth some points, so 8 points each.

14. My woodwind's not working!

"recorder disorder". 8 right. 1 x "Oh-so-wet clarinet". 1 x "intermittent instrument". 1 x "Decrepit clarinet". 1 x "Overblown saxophone". 7 didn't answer. No bonuses.

15. Dress, hair, shoes, and attitude all match. Perfect!

"Appearance coherence". No right answers. 1 x "Uniform Uniform". 1 x "Entire attire". 1 x "Purity surety". 1 x "complete outfit". 1 x "camouflage homage". 13 didn't answer. 1 answered too many times ("Excellent comportment.", "Consistent existent", "Postinkety Sopinkety!", and "Vitality equality"). You're all pathetic.

Winner: Ken Spontelli with 83 points. Yay Ken!

I'll contact you and the companies with details.


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