Sunday, December 02, 2007

First Game

For those of you playing at home, here is the first game. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to win if you did not register in the jergames group. You can send me your entries anyway, if you like.

The first game is Stinky Pinky. Each clue refers to a two-word rhymed answer. For instance, the clue "large farm animal" could have as answer "big pig". That would be a "Stink Pink" because the words in the answer have only one syllable each. Stinky Pinky's have two syllables, and Stinkety Pinkety have three syllables.

Send your answers for this game to my email address

NOTE: ALL EMAILS for this game MUST INCLUDE the word STINKY in the subject. Any emails received that do not include this word will be disqualified. Furthermore, I will accept entries for this game only until 5 am Monday, EST. That gives you about 23 hours.

You score the number of points equal to the question number for each correct answer. I.e. the correct answer for question 11 gives you 11 points. If you supply an answer that was not the one I was thinking about, but which kind of works anyway, you will receive credit for the question minus five points (minimum of 0 for any guess). If you supply an answer that is far better than the one I was thinking about, you will receive credit for the question plus five points.

In the case of ties, the player who submitted his or her entry first will be the winner.


The prizes for this contest are:

A - A copy of Dirty Secrets: A Game About Crime (eBook) by Dark Omen Games

This is a neat twist on the traditional RPG game. A review just appeared in

B - A $20 gift certificate from Oh Nuts nuts, candies, and chocolates

Looks delicious, and it's kosher, too! Gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah.


Stink Pink:

1. Fond push
2. Plaything title
3. Charge for antipathy
4. Assistance for a cave-sleeper
5. Not many people at this formal dance

Stinky Pinky:

6. Breakfast furniture story
7. Playful mountain jumper
8. Spotty accounting book
9. No time to wash clothes!
10. Over-dramatics of a flower

Stinkety Pinkety:

11. A place to go for tinkerers
12. The drive to become a rock star
13. Welcome, but only together
14. My woodwind's not working!
15. Dress, hair, shoes, and attitude all match. Perfect!

Good luck,

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