Friday, December 28, 2007

The Story of Me in 2007

Another year of blogging has nearly come to an end.

The biggest news of my year is when I switched to become a professional blogger mid-year. This blog doesn't support me, but doing it made me confident enough to hire myself out as a corporate blogger.

Here's some more reflection on my year of blogging:


I began to have real fun with the Haveil Havalim (Israel/Jewish blog carnival) with Speed Dating.

I continue to diss the concept of winning in Winning is Incompatible With Art.


I moved to the new Blogger format.

I ask if blogs are art.

I post the Canadian copyright code in verse.

Continuing with IP, I remind people that nobody ever pays for content.

12 Games With No Components for Large Groups.

My 1000th post gave all of my earnings until then back to my readers.

I talk about the Myth of Multiple Paths to Victory.


My game finally gets the nod and is scheduled to be published by Reiver Games, with a slight change in theme.

A special news article: God sues all IP holders.

My post The Top Ten Most Expensive Games in the World becomes a hit, and its contents are promptly stolen.

I also post my Blogger Code of Ethics.


Another popular post, Celebrities Who Play Board Games.


An entry in a Problogger contest, Five Games You Need to Play to Live Well.

My most ambitious Haveil Havalim in cyberpunk format, The Derezzing.

Flak magazine hosts an article of mine on Puerto Rico.


I become a professional blogger and post How I Did It.


I take a trip to London and Scotland, returning with lots of pictures and a few posts (scout around for many other similar posts).

I write a strange article about copyrights and Marcel Duchamp.

But the most noise comes from my provocatively titled post Games Are Not Supposed to be Fun. The post is nearly universally misunderstood and I intend to re-write it more clearly.


My next Haveil Havalim is called "The Sex Edition", making me instantly unpopular with other religious Jewish bloggers. Not coincidentally, I haven't been asked to do another HH since.

The Difference Between Reward and Punishment is a nice piece about my daughter Ariella and growing up.


I meet with other Israeli and Palestinian bloggers and post about it.

The strange story of my dog getting lost at the airport unfolds.

I post the first in a series of lists of jobs in the game industry.

I also note that online game sites don't seem to know much about the people who actually play their games.


I begin to notice the growing wave of pink games.

I publish my Holiday Gift Guide a little early, as I'm off to Canada.


I report on BGG.con, the first of many posts.

I also begin a series of contests to give away board games and other gifts.

My post on Sex in Board Games gets some attention.


I note the most important gaming events in human history.

My year end posts about the most important game news and strangest board games.

Year Round

All year long I also bring you session reports, the latest in game news, game bloggers, and new game patents.

I hope you've enjoyed. If you have any comments, requests, or complaints, let me know.

Have a Peaceful New Year,


Soccer Dad said...

I don't believe I ever asked you unbidden to host. If you asked I would have given you another edition.

The speed dating and derezzing were brilliant.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Actually you asked me for one of them, but point taken.

It's true that I haven't asked recently. Too busy.