Thursday, December 06, 2007

Third Game

For those of you playing at home, here is the third game. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to win if you did not register in the jergames group. Pleas do not send me guesses for this game.

Bryan Adams has just discovered board games!

He's home in Vancouver and he's planning on stopping at Starlit Citadel to pick up a game, but he doesn't know which one to buy! Oh no!

All he knows is that he wants it to be unique, like him. Being a simple fellow, he's decided to ask for recommendations from his ever-present screaming horde of teenage girl fans. That's you.

He'll take a game suggested to him which is sold by Starlit Citadel and which nobody else suggests. He'll take the lexically first AND unique game suggestion he receives; he may not know what lexically means, but he does know the alphabet. He doesn't know whether numbers come before or after letters in the alphabet, so better not send him any suggestions for games that start with numbers.

The girl whose suggestion he takes will get a $45 gift certificate to Starlit Citadel as a token of Bryan's thanks. And his phone number. Woo hoo! Moochas Smootchas!

Send your suggestions to me, Bryan's agent, at (SEND ONLY IF YOU ARE REGISTERED TO PLAY). Your email MUST contain STARLIT in the subject line; any entries not containing this phrase will be disqualified. Bryan needs your entries by 5 am Thursday, EST. That gives you about 22 hours.


Starlit Citadel is a nice game site run by decent people who love games. They also have a cool blog of general interest, so check it out.

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