Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bluh Bluh Blogger

I'm just smart enough to make backups of my longer posts, as well as saving my drafts once in a while, so that when Blogger craps out and loses everything since my last edit, I haven't lost more than a half an hour's worth of work or so.

Still, it's discouraging. I'll redo USC10C57 tomorrow.

Hmmm ... What would happen if Blogger loses the entire site and all my posts? Youch. I think I'll do some major backing up. Anyone know a quick way to do this online?

I'm going back to watching every Pat Benatar and Kate Bush video on YouTube.

You better ruuun
You better hi-ide
You better leave
From my si-yi-ight ...

Just when you think
Down ...

1 2 3 4

It's me, it's Cathy
I've come ho-ome now
So co-o-o-old
Let me enter your
Win-do-o-o-ohhh ...

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