Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cuttng Out The Mockups ....

I forgot about that part. :-) It takes about twenty minutes for each game.

And I had to remember the primary rule of cutting things with an exacto knife: Hold the straight-edge over the desired part, so that when the knife slips while cutting, you only deface the white space on the sheet. If you reverse this, holding the straight-edge on the white space, if you slip while cutting you lacerate the board or tile you are trying to cut out.

I also forgot to buy envelopes; I'll buy some today so that I can mail them. And I have to recheck the rules and print them out.

Thanks to those of you who have emailed me for a copy. My email is shadejon at gmail.

Of course, when people like Mike Doyle are creating works of art like this, I could get disheartened.

The rowdy world of chess is now getting drug testing, although one could wonder exactly why.

And in continuing news about Head Gamez's plans for a 1,500 work force for producing board games in Nova Scotia, snags have occurred. The CEO, director, and founder, Kerry Martens, has quit. Kevin had chosen Parrsboro owing to fond memories of the place during a navy stint. The future of the development in that location is now in question.


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Jackson Pope said...

I wish my game only took twenty minutes to cut out. Mine takes three hours! Still, nearly halfway there...