Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Triple Play: Games, Israel, and Tech

My blog is usually about games, Israel, and tech, and it's rare that I get to point to something that covers all three at once.

This ad by Barak Internet services is about an Israeli man sitting down to play backgammon in an Arab country with a friend; a poignant hope for peace, someday. (via Free Cedar)

Barak is referring to the blog exchanges that occurred during the Hezbollah/Israel war. Bloggers in both countries continued to talk and began to discover a common humanity. An excellent piece by Lisa Goldman in the Jewish Quarterly recounts her experiences with this, the good and the bad. A very good read.

Both Free Cedar and Lisa are now part of the Good Neighbors blog that I have mentioned.

Speaking of peace and so on, there's been more action on the front to shift the world's attention to Darfur. We Blog for Darfur is a new initiative in that direction.


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play65_backgammon said...

show the you tube ad and the comments were so right!
It would be better to make some different commercial, or to look for real relationship that was made by playing backgammon or whatever in the internet.
i play alot at http://www.play65.com (backgammon site) so i know what i'm talking about. that was one thing the film was right - you can get to know alot of people, even from "enemy" countries.