Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Two Games of PR with the Sick Wife

Rachel is now sick with whatever I had several weeks ago; it's been going around our family, our city. Probably the country.

We played two games of Puerto Rico last night, which I won 53 to 47 and 55 to 37. She was off her game. And she keeps working on her thesis like a mad driven woman. "I have to finish ... I have to finish ... Can't sleep ... More coffee ... Brains ..."

A few of the less regular buildings we played with:

Soybean Processing Plant: 3/1 . During Settler, you may take a soybean field. Each soybean field produces a soybean barrel. Soybean trades for 0. It can be shipped for 1 VP each on a soybean ship. If, and only if, there is no available soybean or empty boat, you must ship soybeans onto sugar and/or corn boats, receiving 1 VP for each two barrels shipped (combined). If, and only if, there is no corn and/or sugar boat available, any player may ship corn and/or sugar onto a soybean boat, receiving 1 VP for each tao barrels shipped (combined). There are 10 soybean barrels available.

Yeah, it's a long description, but it's a fun building which seems to work well. Rachel scored well with it in the first game, and she would have won if I hadn't fallen into a heavy building strategy and ended the game a round or two earlier than she needed.

We also played with:

Mine: 4/2. Pay 1 less for any building.

Which is a good building because it a) gives you two VPs, b) is not limited per column, and c) can be bought the same round as a quarry.

Bank: 7/3. Receive 1 doubloon for each 2 doubloons you have on your board (max +5).

The combination of these two, and Large Business, was why I ended up in a building strategy.

I also moved Large Warehouse down to 5 cost and it still wasn't bought. I would buy it at 4, probably.

Following the news that a) Rick Thornquist is leaving Board Game News, and b) Board Games With Scott is moving to (or now available through) Funagain Games, comes the news that The Dice Tower is leaving Board Game News to move to Funagain Games.

Make of it what you will.


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