Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Posting the Code

I've kind of gotten bored reading through the US military code. It is simply less interesting than the IP laws on copyright, patent, trademark, and so on.

I could keep going, but without further incentive, it wouldn't be done with passion; there's no point in blogging if it's not enjoyable. I made it through the first two parts of subsection A; when I tell you that these parts appear to be the most interesting, anyway, you'll know what I mean.

It was an interesting experiment. I enjoy converting the code to verse, so much so, that the reward of doing so is my inspiration for getting through the material to begin with. Despite the crudity of the verses, it often took some effort to succinctly summarize hundreds of lines of material into four or six lines of two beats each. It's a linguistic challenge.

It's too long to post the entire thing in one post, so I'll post it in chunks over the next few days.

Just because I abandoned the military code, doesn't mean that I won't use the technique on other documents I have always wanted to read through but have never felt inspired enough to do so. In my sights are the Canadian copyright code, the U.S. constitution, and various other documents of that ilk.

Speaking of legal issues, Peter Jackson has been dumped by New Line Cinema who are instead looking for another director to do The Hobbit and another film that will bridge the Hobbit to TotR. It's because a) they haven't yet settled finances with regards to LotR, b) Jackson won't do The Hobbit until they do, and c) New Line's rights to The Hobbit are running out of time.

Still, you have to think that was a pretty dumb move by all involved, probably to the tune of at least a hundred million dollars or more, unless they get a really good director to take over.

A while ago I posted a link to Muslim Games; here is an equivalent for Christian games, or as it's called, Biblical Strategy. They've got both regular and biblically-themed games, as well as comic books, a CCG called "Redemption", and other items.

Hammer of the Scots has a new website, and they're giving away software for playing online (with purchase) and a chance to win a Scottish claymore.

The Toronto Star has a nice article about Video Games and violence/art.

Scott Nicholson's "Board Games with Scott" videos are now available on, or via, Funagain Games. I wonder what's the story behind this.


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