Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Captain and Tennille, and IP

The Captain and Tennille, for all you young whippersnappers, was a popular "variety" show in the early seventies. An example of a variety show today is Saturday Night Live, except that the host of SNL changes every week. C&T always hosted, and each offered a variety of songs and guest singers, comedy sketches, and other pieces of occasional fluff.

C&T also had their own hit records. You may recognize a few of them, or not, such as: Do That To Me One More Time, Muskrat Love, Love Will Keep Us Together, and other assorted songs that are now too happy and buoyant for modern children.

My favorite part of the show was a serial sketch called the Bionic Watermelon, which fell under the so dumb it was hysterical classification. It was a send up of the various Bionic shows of the time: Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, Bionic Banana, and who remembers what else.

Well, why do I bring these guys up?

First of all, they have a website, and bless me a new album of Christmas songs (available any day now, at Amazon).

Tennille has a blog:
I have decided, in my “Senior Years,” that I am going to start a blog. Well....not really a blog...more like a weekly column of thoughts and musings about whatever comes to my mind at the time. After all, Daryl and I are both well into our 60s now....I just turned 66 in May (can’t believe it myself), and I think I have the right to say whatever the heck I want to.
Way to go.

Some clips from C&T are available on YouTube, of course. Tennille even links to some of them from her site.


Note the following little extra text she adds next to one of the links:
www.YouTube.com has a karaoke version of Love Will Keep Us Together from a duet that we believe come pretty close to 'the real thing'. See if you agree. Hopefully, Neil Sedaka won't ask that the video clip be removed, because of royalty issue.
Even Tennille worries about the possibility that someone will take down a poorly-shot, poor sound quality, satiric, karaoke version of her own, most famous chart-busting hit, to which she links! As if its presence dilutes the earning potential of the original somehow.

Brazil ... is here.



Soccer Dad said...

Do you realize that the Captain (Daryl Dragon - I think) occasionally played with the Beach Boys?

At the end of the original "Love will keep us together" you can hear Toni Tenille singing "Sedaka is back." Of course he'd been back for a year or two already, having had a string of hits in the early to mid 70's starting with "Laughter in the Rain."

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, SD. Yeah, Daryl Dragon, what a name!