Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekend Gaming

Dinner went late, so my guests were not up for gaming.

Tal and I "played" the On the Spot game Zero In for an hour before lunch, basically going through the cards and asking the clues. We finished the entire deck (one quarter of the questions) and I was ahead about 29 to 15.

I notice on the box that it claims to be the "Entertainment edition" of the game, which indicates that they are planning other versions. Cool. I would like a Shakespeare version (or other poetry or literature version). It's a cheap portable game in a pocket for any number of players. Of course, so is Twenty Questions.

The Confessionator points to Vatican: The Board Game, a fold out game board where the life and career of the aspiring cardinal is played out.

Gamasutra talks about academic game research and why it's failing to connect to an audience.

I have a bunch of other articles that I thought up over shabbat, but right now it's time to watch a few more episodes of West Wing with the wife.


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Jackson Pope said...

Enjoy The West Wing, I'm halfway through season seven, it's a shame it had to end, but who could replace Martin Sheen? P.S. Don't tell me who wins!