Thursday, November 09, 2006

Weekend Coming

And guess who's coming to dinner?

Our shul is having a mixer. For dinner, our guests include Tyson and Rebbecca from the game club. Nadine may drop by later. Looking forward to a game this evening.

Tomorrow afternoon the whole shul will gather for "third meal".

Hope you're all having fun at BGG.con, even though I'm not there. There are already some reports showing up on BGG.



Mike Doyle, The Artist, write an incredible article about board game box covers.

King Lud IC points us to MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research, a paper on mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics in game design.

The "National Website of Wales" mainstream media tells us why today's hi-tech games fail to impress.

After I finished my work on Winning Alternatives, I find Terra Nova also exploring games without level-ups or experience points.


Yourish notes the catastrophes in Sri Lanka and ironically notes that we won't hear about the U.N. condemning them any time soon, because Israel or the U.S. wasn't involved.

Michael Totten gets into a discussion with a commenter from Hezbollah.


One of the few places actually providing real information on the Internet, Pew presents a Power Point presentation about how libraries and today's wired youth can learn from each other. Some neat ideas.

And a fifteen year old girl is in trouble because she wants to found a "Caucasian Club" in a school that already has a Black Student Union, Latinos Unidos and an ALOHA club for Asian-American students. Because someone in the future may turn it into an excuse for white supremacism.


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