Thursday, November 30, 2006

Visitor Coming

This time Chris (Brooks) says he will make it tomorrow; he's already booked the tour guide for the morning in Jerusalem.

If all goes well, I'll meet him in the morning, we'll tour around, have some lunch, and come back to my house. If all continues to go well, he'll give to me the games I ordered and shipped to his house, as well as a copy of 24/7, and we'll get a game in before shabbat.

Then shul, dinner with Nadine and co., and then Adam will drop by and we'll have another game after dinner.

We haw.

I've shipped out three copies of The Game, which is all I managed to cut so far. I'll try to get another two or three out tomorrow. Then I have to cut some more for a few local requests.

Whatever may come, I will always know that I once created something good. Isn't that sweet?

In the meantime, I've written chapter 7 of Encounter, but I'm not happy about it. Something isn't holding together. I'm hoping it's something I can fix, rather than have to gut it and start over. I'll be happy to see the whole thing done someday. Then I can take it and re-edit it as a whole. And maybe submit it somewhere, or publish it on Lulu. Not that anyone but me seems to like it.



Coldfoot said...

Have fun with Chris.

I can't seem to get any visitors here. And we haven't had a missle strike or a suicide bomber in months.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch the northern lights.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

All I need is a ticket, man. Then I'm there.