Monday, November 06, 2006

ECGI Play Study Group, Nov 15

The Educational Center for Games in Israel Play Study Group is made up of working members of ECGI and is open to all who are interested in the subject in hand. The discussion is opened by Helena Kling using materials that are in their Resource Center on Play. Attendees may photocopy material or ask for it to be emailed.

"Dolls that Changed the World of Play and the Women who Created them" is the next issue that will be brought before the Play Study Group. The meeting is at The ECGI 32 Hatabor Street Tel Aviv, near Nachlat Benjamin Mall at 09.30 on Wednesday 15th. November.

All are invited. For more information and a map of the area contact Helena at or phone 0544 717 314 or leave a message on 03 6294151.


Rick Thorquist gathers some amusing stories from Essen here.

The Independent, among others, covered the 35th Annual UK Scrabble Championship.

High Content Games is a new games store that also features an article on the educational benefits of games, with links to other sources.

Boing Boing saw fit to link to this new game store with a play area in Indiana, for some reason.

As long as we're on local news about board games, there will be two board game events to benefit cancer research in Pennsylvania. Details here.

As long as we're on the subject of health, here's a heartwarming story from the Courier Press about a man with dementia who can do very little for himself except play Clabber.

The secretary of state in Vermont has been using the board game On the Road to Congress to teach her citizens before the elections.

Step2Play is an exercise machine that powers a game console, so that kids can't play video games unless they are also getting exercise. Heh.

The Jerusalem Post covers online gaming and advertising. (That's games, Israel, and tech, all in one blow.)


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