Sunday, November 19, 2006

Win $1000! The Middle East Peace Board Game

That's right! I, Yehuda Berlinger, will personally give $1000 to be divided among the first players who win this board game. It's no joke. And if you want to contribute to the pool, just email me.

Here are the rules of the game.

Components: You need the attached game board, a piece to represent your location (you can get one from one of those Monopoly games you don't play), and a standard six sided die.

Number of players: At least one each from every country and/or faction in the Middle East.

Each player places their piece in the Start space.

Turns: All players take their turns simultaneously.

Roll the die and move the direction indicated by the arrow leading away from your current space. You must successfully perform the action indicated in the space. This isn't pretend! This is real! You must really do this!

Exception: If you land on a pink-colored box, you don't have to do the action; it's a waste of time, anyway! You just lose your turn.

If more than one path is available, you may choose the direction you move.

You cannot go from the light-blue area of the board to the green area of the board unless you have fulfilled all non-pink areas first. If the die indicates that you progress to the green area before you have accomplished all of the tasks in the light-blue area, roll again until you get a valid result.

The same goes for moving from the green area to the indigo area.

If you are in the green or indigo area, and something you finished comes undone in the light-blue or green area, you must immediately move your piece back to the space representing the action that needs to be redone in order to redo that action.

You can only win if every other players' pieces are also in the indigo area. If you roll a 5 from the "Play More Games" space and the other players are not yet in the indigo area, roll again. On the other hand, if you roll a 5 from this space and other players' pieces are in the indigo area, all players immediately win. Collect your money!


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